Frequently Asked Questions
Where does La Voz Newspapers operate?

La Voz Newspapers is distributed in the following counties: Bexar, Brazoria, Caldwell, Comal, Ft. Bend, Guadalupe, Hays, Travis, Uvalde, Williamson and Zavala counties.

What kind of content does La Voz Newspapers focus on?

We like to feature those news items and stories that generally don't find their way into the traditional media outlets. For example, in La Voz, you will find stories about people who received a promotion, students who got accepted to a four year university, the passing of a community activist or a discussion of an issue the is important in the Latino community. What you won't find in the pages of La Voz are stories about who broke into someone's house, who got arrested for DWI, or other negative news on La Raza. We let the other papers handle that kind of news.

Who writes the stories for La Voz?

We have a number of people who contribute stories as freelance writers. Some of these contributors are high school and middle school students who are paid ten cents a word for their stories.

When does La Voz usually come out? 

La Voz comes out the first week of each month.

Where is La Voz distributed? 

La Voz is distributed in restaurants, taquerias, libraries, schools, government offices and at community meetings.

Can people send in stories or photos? 

Yes, we always welcome new material. What is important to remember is that what you send in does not need to be perfect. There are a number of editors who look at everything that comes in and will help to make corrections where necessary.

Does La Voz accept "Letters to the Editor?"


Does La Voz Newspapers endorse political candidates?

No, La Voz does not endorse candidates, but we do endorse issues and take a position an issues.